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2015-04-26 08:46:07

Claims Lead Metro Animal Services Director To Hire Attorney According to Connie Leonard(LOUISVILLE) What began as a battle over a new dog ordinance has increased into a huge dog fight. The mayor office calls it a vicious e mail campaign that caused Louisville animal services director to create a lawyer. Sadly, Those directed fingers at Dr. Gilles Meloche say their claims are true and they've got the documents to prove it. WAVE 3 private eye Connie Leonard reports.It started earlier as e mail complaints to Louisville Metro Animal Services Director Dr. Gilles Meloche from some of his sales team, And it has evolved into claims of overcrowding to inflate adoption statistics while the citizenry of aggressive and sick animals is bigger than ever.There no question that there no love lost between local animal groups fighting breed chosen laws and Dr. Meloche, But now the target has moved off strays and on to the past of the city top dog.Breeder Connie Morris says she first erina Kors MK Logo-Medallion Leather Large Black Belt heard about disorders of Meloche past from shelter advisory board members in Tallahassee, Fl.Meloche was director of the Tallahassee pet shelter before being hired in Louisville. In e e mails to Connie Morris, Board members there said red flags started flying when Meloche claimed over a 16 month period that he had put to sleep"Zero animals who were adoptable,Board members tell WAVE 3 News it was a policy that led to dog struggling with and sick animals, And dirty issues.Any time Meloche left Tallahassee, The Humane Society of the actual conducted an independent review of the shelter. Its record found Meloche"Zero euthanasia" Policy generated overcrowding, Reduced staff morale and general distrust among animal welfare groups and the city.Well previously Tallahassee, Meloche was effective a 14 month stint in Durham, New york. The chairman of the dog control board there says Meloche was fired for insubordination: Speaking out against county commissioners who i thought i'd expand the shelter.Donna Herzig, Vp of the Louisville Kennel Club, Started looking into Meloche past when a group of metro animal services employees approached her sticking with the same allegations of overcrowding here.Robert Risinger, A 28 year member of staff, Says he was fired by Meloche for putting down a feral cat that was having difficulties,The house(The kitty) Was totally frantic in the pen, Risinger told. "It had banged up the particular pen until its nose and face was bleeding,Risinger added that overloaded conditions led to sick animals being housed with healthy ones and that he had seen many animals"Suffer and die in the evening on my shift. "Herzig says she learned that Dr. Meloche, A vet, Also faced serious charges in Canada when he couldn account for a variety of vials of anabolic steroids.Meloche pled guilty to not keeping proper records Michael Kors MK Logo Fuchsia iPhone 5 Cases and agreed to pay thousands in fines for not build the controlled drugs.Medical professional. Richard Greathouse was on the panel that helped hire Dr. Meloche in Louisville yr after. He says the committee was told the mayor wanted a vet.Doctor. Greathouse claims only two vets applied to do the job, Practically an MBA, Medical professional. Meloche seemed most trained qualified.We would definitely get Dr. Meloche side of the tale, But can be we tried, We were advised his schedule wouldn allow it; The second period, The mayor invited us to job him downtown, But a few hours before the job interview we were told it wouldn happen Dr. Meloche had hired a lawyer and wasn writing comments.The actual mayor office also turned us down for an on camera interview for this story, We did receive a written record from Dr. Meloche supervisor, Rudy Davidson. About them, He tells"The suggestions levied by a special interest group and former employees who were recently terminated are not true,But Davidson did divulge"We do have problems with a large volume of animals at our shelter. Our intake has grown by 40% in the past six months,Meloche attorney told us he checking it out the claims, And can brief review.Some employees who said they feared losing their jobs told us off camera that Meloche hard work to put animals down less often seemed good in theory, But was only making more overcrowding and more aggression among the animals.WAVE 3 News went to the shelter with a hidden camera and did find illustrations are what employees were telling us: Many types of dogs in one run, Intrusive and fighting. Some shelter workers claim it is what is what makes dogs less adoptable to visitors.We saw small dogs forced within big ones, And one former employee said a lack of qualified kennel staffers has also led to problems for owners.When Louisvillian Lauren Eaton 4 years old Rottweiler mix"Footwear"Escaped the particular backyard, She thought someone may have taken him to metro animal services because they live nearby the shelter,We went all the time, One or more times a day, Eaton had to talk about. For many eight days, She and her husband kept rediscovering the reassurance of the shelter, Expounding on Boots red collar and the big black spots on his tongue,They kept nevertheless there was no dog like that, Eaton were recalled.But concerning 8th day, Eaton says her husband saw an open door to the sick animal area and found Boots with a broken leg and a note on the cage stating he had been there five days and was scheduled to be put to sleep..

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