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2015-04-26 08:46:07

Going to western Canada It will identify turf for Dewar. Board of administrators. Will be a double loss for the Island's health reform system.His her conversation, Audrey, Is the X ray technologist.Although Dewar will not be leaving his post for times, The recruitment process for a new CEO will commence promptly.Until a permanent replacement has been discovered, Doctor. Richard Wedge will fill the career of acting CEO.So he has brought approx a million dollars in salary and now flees leaving the rest of Islanders with inadequate health care and a health care system which is harming people due to its' inabilities to provide Islanders with even a third world nation standard of care. Unpleasant group who would harm people by not providing us with doctors and services that are needed, And hypocrits and so exaggerated in their continued bragging rights they have given themselves in stating how well they have done. Breakdowns, What did you do with the equalization payments that are to be used to give to us adequate health care Oh right, Be forced to pay all those high paying salaries to Health PEI, Board members and all the connections to government who do NOTHING in providing medicare. We continue to LOOSE doctors instead of providing enough doctors for Islanders so we can have adequate health related. This state and federal regime is sickening and corrupt, Minimum any government can do, With the money they receive, Is to provide basic adequate health look after the people. They can and worse yet, REFUSE to take some action. Do any of them have a mind I think NOT,One down and some more to go! A lot of mess of a"Health protection system" We here! We do NOT even have adequate professional medical, Too little doctors still, And an overpaid enter, Senior procedures. What a shame! What a thorough mess, This just continues to cause harm and many problems for individuals that try to live here. The money needs to put into doctors and medical care services for once. I cannot think that anyone would accept the ridiculous excuses being constantly given for why they cannot provide Islanders with proper health care but these bureaucrats and politicians keep doing itGet away quick Keith. The getting sued are a'coming. Continued spending on excessive salaries for people who haven't got a clue about healthcare is Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Continental Large Green Wallet but you don't we are hurting for GPs in this province. Give your group heads a shake and listen to the noise it makes. People NEED medical practitioners and nurses, Not a bunch of pencil pushers deciding on the lives of everyday people. Disband Health PEI as not necessarily doing any good for Islanders or the medical community. Seems there are many 'doctors' doing stuff that isn't helping a single patient on PEI.It is a shame that"The healthcare facility consent form" Affords the medics etc. Such broad and sweeping powers including the chance to head off being sued. They must be taking lessons from the veterinarians on how to diagnose, Treat and start treating patients; The degree of professionalim, Expertise and actually training of the vets engenders much more confidence in their customers than it does in those of the human persuasion! Avoid that aura of"Authority mystique" And get a person back on the Michael Kors Oversize Saffiano Leather Metallic Large Brown Wallet ground I don't see a lot of white robes and magic wands from the ranks of the meds just yet! Try to improve the health care instead of losing patients in the wake of a system that is in an abysmal messHurrah, I will be saving 240 grand a year, At least for a while. The rats ARE leaving the falling ship, One would think this is due to Dewar sees the handwriting on the wall, PEI taxpayers cannot sustain 1/2 mill dollars a year in maintenance for this useless entity Health PEI alone. Ghiz must take this chance to kill this costly agency and instead have the staff in Dept. Of Health work for their funds one wonders what they pass the time doing now It is time we get over paying these outlandish salaries, If they will not work for less, Permit them to go, No one did anything great, Hardly Dewar, Nor sand pitching iron sand iron, Drop his income to something real, If he doesn't like it, Let him come back to practise again or whatever. It is high time to trim the top number of individuals and their salaries..

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